Terms and Conditions

Photographs uploaded on The Framing Stylist site are never reproduced by the company for its own use or to sell.  After the order is fulfilled and shipped, the project is considered closed, and the images are deleted immediately.

Uploaded photos are usually not edited by The Framing Stylist beyond cropping to fit the aspect ratio of the frame selected. We do get requests to change a photo to black and white, to crop a photograph, or use a standard filter.  We agree to edit on a case-to-case basis.

It is understood that the photographs uploaded for printing by The Framing Stylist are not covered by copyright.  It is the responsibility of the customer and uploader to check that it will not be illegal to print the images, and releases The Framing Stylist from any responsibility regarding copyright infringements.

When received in good order and condition, frames are released completely to the customer, and the customer releases The Framing Stylist from any responsibility resulting from injury due to the frames in any circumstance, or for damage to the photograph or artwork mounted into the frame.