The Framing Stylist How-To:

1.  Choose your frame and orientation of frame (if Standard).

2.  Upload your photo by clicking "Choose File."

3.  Choose quantity.  NOTE: If you wish to have several frames with different photos each, please "Add to Cart" after selecting each frame, quantity and orientation, and after uploading your file.  Then, repeat Step 1 through Step 3 for the next photo/image you would like to upload, to prevent mix-ups.

Easy, simple, excellent.

Our frames are sourced from Italy and are made of natural wood.  Each frame comes with the following components: a single, buffered acid-free matting that is 2 1/2 inches wide, a buffered acid-free foamboard backing, a sheet of clear glass to protect your artwork, and the proper hangers and cords.

Our frames are perfect if you are looking to mount a standard-size (5R, 8R, 11R, 16R, and 20R) or square photograph (take that cool Instagram shot you took out of your phone and on display!) or need several to build your own custom, self-designed gallery wall.